Nylatech Paving the Way for Women In Plastics

We are excited to announce that Nylatech’s Sylvia Steiger, Kendra Bolin and Serenity Sherman are now planning committee members in International Association of Plastics Distributions (IAPD) Women in Plastics initiative.

They are joined by a group of other prominent women across North America that work to promote and advance women in the performance plastics industry. Together, they will help organize keynote speakers, philanthropy projects, recruitment initiatives and more.

Steiger, Bolin and Sherman have also joined IAPD’s Generation Next Committee and have plans to represent Nylatech this year at the annual IAPD Convention in Tampa, Florida and IAPD’s Women in Plastics Conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

We thank them for their continued contribution to both the Redco Group and our industry as a whole.

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