Shaping Plastics Technology

Plastic application specialists for industrial applications.

Bringing Innovative Solutions to Industry

The Redco Group®, founded in 1971, is a pioneering specialist in the manufacture and distribution of industrial plastics and rubber. With facilities across North America that serve both local and international markets through its operating companies, Redco provides innovative solutions to industry’s most challenging problems.


The Redco Group® is the parent company to four companies: Redwood Plastics and Rubber, Nylatech, Advanced Nylons and Industrial Plastics and Paints. All of which shares the philosophy of bringing solutions to industry and creating specialized industrial parts and procedures that have revolutionized the production of many commercial goods. All of us also strive to produce and invent new applications and products that increase safety for not only industrial manufacturing environments but also within general public areas. The Redco Group® is continually looking for further innovations and products to add to its diversified product line.

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Since 1971, the Redco Group® has worked directly with customers to find solutions for a variety of problems including: shock, abrasion, noise, wear & friction. We have extensive experience, in-house engineering and large-scale manufacturing facilities to produce custom components for longer wear life, decreased downtime, increased production, lighter weight, cost effectiveness and increased safety.

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